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Frequent Asked Questions

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How long does the Rapid Smile Labs™ process take from start to finish?

The chairside teeth whitening treatment process, takes a minimum of about a half hour from start to finish to do a single 15-minute treatment, and about 50 minutes total time to do a double 30 minute teeth whitening session. That includes initial paperwork, processing payment, pre-treatment prep, and post-treatment finishing and instruction. So, in less than an hour maximum, one can have a whiter smile.

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What will I experience during this procedure? Does it hurt?

You may feel a slight tingling or fizzle against your teeth and or gums for the first few minutes. This is normal and is the sign that the gel is producing the oxygen that’s needed to whiten your teeth. On a scale of 1- 10 its normal to feel 1-5 but if you feel anything higher a 5 immediately inform your Technician. He or she will stop the treatment, have you rinse and spit three time and assess what’s going on. In which next the technician will find a solution and from there you can let the Technician know if you want to proceed with the treatment.

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Does the Rapid Smile Labs™ process cause damage to teeth enamel?

No, research has shown that bleaching your teeth with peroxide-based gels does not harm the enamel of the teeth. This type of bleaching has been done for over twenty years, even with stronger whitening gels than what Rapid Smile Labs™ uses, and no damage to enamel has occurred.

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How long will my teeth stay white? How long does it last?

Four to seven months depending greatly on the client eats, drinks, lifestyle, and habits. If one drinks a lot of coffee, tea, dark soda, or red wine, or especially if one smokes, the results will not last as long. These individuals may have to repeat the process more often.

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Is the Rapid Smile Labs™ procedure safe?

Yes. Extensive clinical research and trials have shown that Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is safe. Many dentists and dental researchers consider this process to be the safest dental or cosmetic procedure available.

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I haven’t seen a dentist in 2 (or more) years. Is it OK for me to proceed today with Rapid Smile Labs™ teeth whitening?

No, we recommend seeing a dentist first before beginning a bleaching treatment of any kind. After that amount of time of not seeing a dentist, many unfavorable conditions could exist in a person’s mouth that they might not even be aware of and conflict with having a pain reduced teeth whitening treatment. When in doubt, always see a dentist first.

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I have crowns (caps) or veneers (bonding) on my front teeth. What will this process do to them?

Teeth bleaching will not change any of these restoration’s intrinsic (inside) color, however, it may slightly remove some extrinsic (outside) stains. The procedure will not harm dental restorations. If your natural teeth are yellower than the restored teeth, then whitening may bring the natural teeth closer in shade to the restored teeth. If the restored teeth are yellower in color, then bleaching will only make the difference in shade greater between them and their naturally colored counterparts. In this case, one may want to bleach their teeth first, then have the restorations redone by their dentist to match the newly bleached color. This, however, can lead to expensive and extensive dental work, so again, consult a dentist first.

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I have braces on my teeth, Invisalign, and or fixed permanent/removable retainers. Can I get a teeth whitening treatment?

If you are in active orthodontic treatment you can get your teeth whitened just make sure your appointment is scheduled with enough time in between braces tightening to not irritate your teeth.

A permanent wire retainer that was placed by an orthodontist after regular orthodontic treatment is fine to have in your mouth while bleaching is done. But if you have a removable retain we suggest removing it 2 hours prior to your appointment so your gums and teeth are not irritated. As well during your treatment so you have access to get your teeth whitened without your removable retainer in the way. Allow several hours after the treatment before you place your retainer back in because your mouth may be sensitive.

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Can I do this process if I have open holes (cavities) in my mouth that haven’t yet been filled by my dentist?

We suggest that if you have open cavities that cause you pain that you see a dentist first and have the condition permanently resolved prior to any form of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Solely because the pain level can be evaluated from the whitening gel if open. But if you have no pain level and upon your approval you can do a treatment just notify the Technician and proceed with caution

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Is the process I get from you today being performed by a dentist?

No, the Authorized Rapid Smile Labs is not a dentist or dental professional. He or she has been trained in the Rapid Smile Labs™ , but will not render dental opinions, give dental advice, or otherwise pose as a dentist or practice dentistry.

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What causes teeth to discolor or become yellower?

There are several causes but the most common are natural aging and the prolonged consumption of staining agents such as tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, dark-colored soda, and staining foods like mustard, tomato sauce, or blueberries. A good rule to go by is that if it will stain a white handkerchief or white t-shirt, then it may similarly stain your teeth. Other people may have a different type of staining that occurs when the permanent adult teeth are forming, typically at age prenatal through 12. When children of this age group are exposed to excessive fluoride, tetracycline or other antibiotics, certain embedded and permanent stains or discolored tooth formations may occur. These types of “tooth- formation” stains do not respond well to teeth bleaching in most cases. These individuals should consult their dentist for other options if treatments don’t meet their desired results. Such options will include bonding, veneers, or crowns.

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Are there any side effects to having the Rapid Smile Labs™ teeth whitening process done?

Some people may feel a slight tingling sensation or have minor discomfort during or after a teeth-whitening session. A few may have white spots, called Blanching, on their gums as well. These effects are common quickly go away with a few minutes or so. Most people report no discomfort or sensitivity at all during or after their Rapid Smile Labs™ treatment. Different people react in different ways to chemicals and treatments, and this holds true for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening procedures as well as teeth bleaching products. Rapid Smile Labs™ recommends that if a client is experiencing pain or discomfort during the bleaching process higher than a 5 out of 10, they should discontinue the treatment immediately and consult their dentist as soon as possible as this may indicate an undiscovered or unknown problem that might be occurring in their mouths.

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How long before I can eat or drink anything after completing this process?

We recommend that one should avoid eating or drinking any stain-causing foods or beverages (coffee, tea, cola, red wine, dark fruit juices) for at least 24 hours. If you need to drink these beverages during this time, use a straw to avoid a lengthy contact time with your teeth.

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How does the Rapid Smile Labs™ light differ from the smaller hand-held ones I’ve seen that come with some of the take home kits sold at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, or Online?

For the most part, the light’s wavelength may be approximately the same as ours, but the intensity of these small hand-held lights is much lower and therefore will not work as well or as fast. These lights also come with kits using carbamide peroxide, which does not react as well or as fast as hydrogen peroxide gels do with the addition of a light. The light in this case is more of a gimmick than an actual aid to teeth bleaching, and can help cause the price of these take home kits to be higher than need be.

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I have dental insurance. Is the chairside Teeth Whitening procedure covered by dental insurance?

No. We are not aware of any dental insurance that has a covered benefit for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening.

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What kind of results can I expect from your process?

Everyone’s teeth are different. We all have different body chemistry, dental health, genetics, etc. Most people will experience a 2-4 shades whiter difference with a Single 15-minute treatment, and 4-8 shades difference with a Double 30-minute (two back-to-back 15-minute regimens) treatment session. Triple 45-minute & Quadruple 60-minute treatments result in 8- 10 shades whiter from start to finish.

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Is Rapid Smile Labs™ better than over-the-counter strips or whitening toothpastes?

If one considers speed of action as a primary desirable feature of a teeth whitening system, then the results obtained with our system are much better than strips or so-called whitening toothpastes. The toothpastes available today have a very minor whitening potential as compared to our system. They only slightly lessen extrinsic, not intrinsic, stains. Strips will whiten teeth, but they take at least a month or more to complete treatment and have a known high occurrence of gum/teeth sensitivity.

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I have splotchy teeth with mottled tan, brown, and white spots on them, especially the front ones. Will Rapid Smile Labs™ processes repair this?

No, this type of staining is known as fluorosis (enamel stains). It was caused by the enamel being damaged by excessive amounts of fluoride while the customer’s permanent teeth were forming, again between prenatal to 12 years of age. We recommend that the client seek the advice of their dentist to correct this problem. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening will not help excessively fluorosed teeth it will only lighten the stains on their teeth. Due to the treatment enamel stains will be extremely white but in 2-5 days fade a natural white.

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How do I book using my Voucher from your site?

Using our website click Scheduling from the top right hand corner then scroll down to Coupons & Vouchers. From there choose the voucher type you purchased for example Coupon/Voucher 15 or 30 minute. Customer must input their 8 digit voucher code to complete booking process.

Use the Groupon app or website to view voucher, once in the app click the setting tap in the top left hand corner. Then click “My Groupons”, please note your Groupon might be under the Available”, “Expiring”, “Nearby”, or “ALL” tab. Once found click on the voucher, then press “View Voucher” (the green button). Ignore Groupon default message that you can only view/redeem your voucher one time. The code with letter and numbers isn’t valid use the VOUCHER code which is 8 digits long and underneath the barcode.

Once found you can now use that code to complete your Coupon/Voucher booking. Your Groupon will be redeemed in location but the code is needed to book. As well the “Blue Promotional Code” button is for Smile Labs promotional discount ONLY not for Groupon redemption.

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When do deposits and cancellations apply?

Deposits are required for all unpaid appointment bookings. Explain to the customer the deposit is required as a cancellation fee in cases where clients don’t cancel prior to 24 hours.  Deposit is made based on a percentage of booking if client makes it online on their own. Or is $1 to customers who book with a Technician over the phone. Deposit reflect the balance of the total due of booking. Beware if the client doesn’t cancel $25 total will be charged to their card.

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